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Botto’s Italian Line

25 May

Botto's Italian Line

Botto’s Italian Line is a strange name for a restaurant, don’t you think?  It has something to do with a freight liner or a cruise ship…..  just look at their logo.

Anyway, Botto’s is a landmark in Swedesboro, New Jersey. If you live in or near the Northeast United States, then you have seen Botto’s Italian sausage in your grocery store.  You should buy it next time, it’s fabulous.  Botto’s restaurant is connected to their market (aptly named Botto’s) and you can purchase lots of Italian specialties including their sausage.

From around April until around October, Botto’s restaurant has a seafood buffet on Wednesday nights.  This is when we frequent Botto’s the most!  My husband loves seafood and this buffet is to die for.  I know what you’re thinking…. a buffet, really?  Gross.  I know, I know, I felt the same way.  But tell me another buffet that has 2 carving stations, steamed crabs and a raw bar?  And it’s fresh seafood (we’re about an hour from the ocean) and it’s delicious.  And not crazy expensive, either.  For $29.99 you get a salad or soup, the buffet and dessert.

For me, and my small stomach, I always order off of the menu.  A huge buffet is too much for me.  It’s just not worth it.  But thankfully Botto’s has the best calamari I’ve ever had in my life.  That’s a VERY bold statement considering I order it whenever I see it on a menu.  It’s fried perfectly crisp with thin slices of mushrooms, banana peppers and tomatoes.  It’s called Calamari ala Botto’s, appropriately.  I get it each and every time and I always walk away with enough food for the next couple of days.  The portions are huge!

Next time you find yourself in sleepy Swedesboro, NJ, give Botto’s a try.  You won’t be disappointed.