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Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly

26 Apr
Mussels from Chickie's and Pete's


Welcome to BestieBites!  I’m Jennifer, one of four friends spread across the Eastern seaboard that make up BestieBites.  We all love to eat, drink and go out as much as possible, so we figured we would write a blog to help others find great places to eat and drink across the country and the world.

I’ll start off – –

I live in New Jersey, just across a river from Philadelphia.  If you’ve ever been to the Philly/Jersey area, you have probably been to, or at least heard of Chickie’s and Pete’s.  Simply known to the locals as Chickie’s.  It has been voted the best sports bar in America.  They have great beer and great food.

Things you MUST order –

Crab Fries – They actually don’t have any crab on/in them, but they have the spices associated with steamed crabs.

Mussels Marinara- Pictured above.  The red sauce at Chickie’s is legendary.

The Lobster Cheesesteak – Just because.

A Yuengling Lager – And order it as “a lager.”  The server will know what you’re talking about as if you’re a local!